The Erasmus University attracts many foreign students, Rotterdam is therefore a city with many international students.

Living in Rotterdam

It's fairly easy to find a room in Rotterdam. There are enough rooms available to students, there are a lot of student houses and there even is a housing corporation entirely focussed on students.

Although it's relatively easy to find a room in Rotterdam it's wise to start looking for a room sooner rather than later. Usually after responding to a room you will be invited to visit the room and meet the other roommates. Usually a few people are selected and if there is chemistry between you and the roommates you'll get the room, if not you need to search for another room. Generally you'll need a few 'hospiteeravonden' before you get accepted.

Student societies in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has a big number of active student societies. During the Eurekaweek (the introductionweek of Rotterdam) a lot of these societies have open parties so you can take a look around and decide which society fits you. A student society is a great place to meet a lot of new people. A lot of student societies have student houses that are only accessible to members, so it can be in your advantage to join a student society if you're looking for a room.

There are also a lot of sports associations in Rotterdam, most of them are connected to the Erasmus Sport Centre but graduate school students are more then welcome too.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Erasmus University Rotterdam, also called EUR, counts over 21.000 students. The university has been founded in 1913 and is situated in the, very popular among students, district Kralingen.

Hogeschool Rotterdam

The Hogeschool Rotterdam, also called University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam, has a great number of offices spread over the city. With more then 30.000 students it's hard to teach all the courses at one location. Therefore it's wise to look carefully where the location of the Hogeschool is situated where you are going to study.

Hogeschool InHolland

Hogeschool InHolland is a lot smaller than the Hogeschool Rotterdam, hereby InHolland has just one location situated at the 'Kop van Zuid'. This location is very easy accessible by public transport.